CKC Quarterly Productions' first feature film, Where is My Golden Arm is currently seeking funding!

Where Is My Golden Arm is an imaginative retelling of an old jump tale made famous by Mark Twain.  The original story tells the tale of a farmer and his wife named Elvira who was born with a golden arm.  Every night Elvira makes her husband promise to bury her with her golden arm should she die, which he does but when the farm falls on hard times he has little choice but to dig up her grave and steal the golden arm.  Angered that he broke his promise to her, Elvia returns from the grave in search of her golden arm.

In our retelling of this story, we delve deeper into why the golden arm mattered so much to Elvira and why she returned from the grave to reclaim it from her husband.  We focus on the history of the golden arm, its meaning and how it affects the lives of everyone who possesses it to create an atmospheric horror film similar in look and feel to movies like The Skeleton Key.

Follow the link below to our GoFundMe campaign.

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