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May 7, 2016


Our GoFundMe campaign for Where is My Golden Arm is LIVE!  Click on the link below to go directly to our campaign or go to our CROWDFUNDING page for more details!

Siblings Title Banner

October 8, 2016


Siblings, CKC Quarterly Productions first web series goes into production in Burbank, California!  The series stars Antoine Williams, Rachel Currence, Shaunte Usual, Camila Greenberg, Tiffany Cummings, Chanel Bosh, Bryant Williams, Jasper Jeon and Cameo Sherrell.

Set in Washington, D.C., Siblings is a dramatic comedy that tells the story of an African-American family who comes together after several years of being apart to support their brother David as he runs for Mayor of the city.


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May 7, 2016



CKC Quarterly Productions is formed by Curtis K Case of CKC Production and Joseph Horning of Quarterly Entertainment LLC as a joint venture to produce and develop feature length films, television series and web based content.

The formation of CKC Quarterly Productions coincided with the completion of their first feature length screenplay Where is My Golden Arm based off of a short film written, produced and directed by Case and edited by Horning in 2014/2015.

November 19, 2016


Siblings wraps production in Burbank.  It is now heading off to post-production to begin the editing process.


December 20, 2016


The official poster for Siblings has been released today.  It was designed by the talented Olivia Mendez.  Olivia has been doing graphic design work for CKC Quarterly Productions for the last few months.  Her talent and dedication to this project has been more than appreciated by all of us involved in the making of Siblings!


December 20, 2016


The script for Where is My Golden Arm has won a Laurel at the Frights! Camera! Action! Screenplay Contest!  The script was written by Joseph Horning based on a story by Curtis K Case and Horning.  Their story was an adaption of an old "jump tale" made famous by Mark Twain called "The Golden Arm."  The original Twain story was also adapted into a short film by Curtis K Case.

January 5, 2017


The script for Where is My Golden Arm has been chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the LA CineFest Screenplay Competition!  Winners will be contacted January 10, 2017!

Frights! Camera! Action!
Semi-Finalist Laurels

March 1, 2017


Writer and Producer Joseph Horning has been given permission by the Master of Horror, Stephen King, to produce a short film based on his short story "One For The Road", a sequel to his second novel Salem's Lot. "One For The Road" is part of Stephen King's Night Shift collection and will be classified as a "Dollar Baby", a term coined by King to refer to a select group of filmmakers whom he's granted permission to adapt one of his short stories for $1.

Salem's Lot tells the story of Jerusalem's Lot, a fictitious town in Maine that becomes overrun by vampires and is eventually burned to the ground to wipe out the infestation.  "One For The Road" continues the story a few years later as a an unsuspecting family, lost in a snow storm, makes a wrong turn and winds up stranded on the outskirts of Salem's Lot!  There have been several version of this story produced as a film but all of those adaptations were set in modern times while the original source material is set around 1977.  Horning has decided to take his adaptation and connect it with the original 1979 mini-series of Salem's Lot directed by Tobe Hopper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist) and set it nearly 40 years after the events in that film.

Horning will serve as writer and director for the project.  Filming is scheduled to take place in late fall and last Through the first half of winter in Pennsylvania.  There is no word on cast or crew at this early stage.

Semi-Finalist Laurels

July 11, 2017

Siblings the Series Pilot Episode Wins At the LA CineFest!

The pilot episode of Siblings the Series, "The Gathering" has been Chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the LA CineFest Web-Series competition! Finalist in the competition will be announced around July 20, 2017. Congratulations to everyone involved with the making of Siblings the Series and good luck in the next round of the competition!


July 15, 2017

Siblings the Series Teaser Trailer Launch!

The teaser trailer for Siblings the Series debuted today and announced the official premiere date for the dramady web-series as labor day 2017!  There's no word on when the official full length trailer will debut.  Watch the Teaser Trailer Here.


July 17, 2017

Siblings the Series Episode 5 Wins At The LAIFFA!

The fifth episode of Siblings the Series, "Bon appetite" has been Chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the LA International film festival awards! Finalist in the competition will be announced on July 31, 2017. Congratulations to everyone involved with the making of Siblings the Series and good luck in the next round of the competition!


July 23, 2017

Siblings the Series Pilot Episode Wins Again!

The awards keep rolling in for Siblings the Series!  The pilot episode "The Gathering" is an official selection at the Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival!  Finalist will be announced on July 31, the same day that the LAIFFA will announce winners in their competition which Episode 5 "Bon Appetite" is a semi-finalist in!


July 24, 2017

One for the Road - A Stephen King Dollar Baby Film Crowdfunding Campaign Launches!

CKC Quarterly Productions crowdfunding campaign for the Stephen King Dollar Baby film One for the Road has been officially launched!  Written and Directed by Joseph Horning and based off of the Stephen King film of the same name, One for the Road is slated to begin filming in Mid-November 2017.  The company is looking for $20,000 to complete the film and is offering up special perks to everyone who makes a contribution.  You can view the campaign and the unique pitch video called "A Jaunt Through the World of Stephen King" starring Joseph Horning here.


August 14, 2017

Siblings the Series Official Trailer Launches!

The official full length trailer for Siblings the Series launches!  Audiences will get an extended peek into the new series created by Curtis K Case and Joseph Horning before its debut on labor day 2017.  Watch it here.


September 4, 2017

Siblings the Series Premieres!

Siblings the Series debuted tonight on the CKC Quarterly Productions YouTube page!  So far the reviews of the series have been positive.  New episodes will be released once a week on Monday nights at 8:30PM EST for the next seven weeks culminating in the season finally on October 23.

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