Directors:  Joseph  Horning

Screenwriter:  Joseph Horning

Genre:   Horror  


"ARTIST SEEKING MODELS FOR PORTRAITS, must not be shy but very discrete." Maria Dunn (Amanda Damron) has fallen onto some hard times. First, her boyfriend dumps her, then she gets fired from work and is unable to find a new job and if that weren't enough she is about to be evicted from her apartment. Desperate for money Maria answers an enticing ad from Reginald Dearborn (Gary Gustin), a local artist willing to pay $1,000 to anyone willing to model for him. Lured to Reginald's home in the middle of the night, seduced by the thought of easy money, Maria soon learns all too late that she has just entered into a nightmare from which there may be no escape! 

Masterpiece was produced by quarterly entertainment, llc and is used here by permission.

masterpiece trailer

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