Where is My Golden Arm

Directed by Curtis K Case

Story by Curtis K Case & Joseph Horning

Based on "The Golden Arm" by Mark Twain

Screenplay by Joseph Horning

Where is My Golden Arm is a classic tale of revenge keeping in tradition with such horror films like The Grudge and The Skeleton Key.

“Promise me you’ll bury me with my golden arm?  You don’t know what will happen if you don’t,” are the last words echoed by Elvira to her husband Josh, who in her final moments of life agrees to bury her with her golden arm.  However Josh finds the allure of the gold too tempting to pass up and he breaks his promise to Elvira by stealing her golden arm before she can be buried with it.  He soon realizes that her dying words were a prophetic warning to him to always keep his promises as Elvira returns from the grave in search of her golden arm!  At first Josh dismisses the visions of his dead wife as hallucinations but after an attack in his home he begins to believe that they may be real.  Taking the advice of his best friends Mike and Stuart, Josh goes off in search of Elvira’s family whom he believed were all deceased and discovers a man named Edward Dilks who reveals that the gold her arm was forged from carries a hoodoo curse with it dating all the way back to the 18th Century when Pennsylvania was still a slave state!  The curse, placed on the gold by a Haitian slave girl named Grace, promises to destroy the lives of any man who attempts to claim the gold as his.  Only the women of Elvira’s family were safe as one of her relatives had shown Grace mercy and helped her to escape captivity before being recaptured and sold off to a plantation in New Orleans.  Fearful that the gold would destroy him but not wanting to let it out of his sights, Elvira’s father had the gold melted down and poured over her arm when she was a child!  Doing this essentially made her one with the curse and the harbinger of doom for Josh and any other man who stands in her way as she haunts his every waking minute asking “Where is my golden arm?”

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One for the Road Teaser Poster
One for the Road

Directed by Joseph Horning

Based on the Short Story "One for the Road" by Stephen King

Screenplay by Joseph Horning

One for the Road is the story of the Lumley family who are on their way to visit relatives in Maine.  However a wrong turn on a snowy night leaves them stranded on the outskirts of the abandoned town of Jerusalem’s Lot, where several years earlier a vampire infestation spread like wild fire.  Leaving his wife and daughter behind, Gerard Lumley trudges through six miles of snow to a neighboring town where he seeks help from two unlikely heroes in a bar.  Unaware of the danger he’s left his wife and daughter in, Mr. Lumley soon learns that there are dark, sinister fiends in the night stalking him and his family.

A sequel to the novel 'Salem's Lot, One for the Road will focus on the events from the 1979 mini-series directed by Tobe Hooper.


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