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CKC/Quarterly Productions was formed in 2016 by Joseph Horning of Quarterly Entertainment, LLC and Curtis K Case of CKC Productions as a joint venture to co-produce the screenplay entitled ‘Where Is My Golden Arm,’ co-written by Horning and Case.

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Curtis K Case is an up and coming director, producer and actor who started working on his first film under his production company CKC Productions in 2014. Curtis is originally from Atlanta. In 2007 he moved to Philadelphia to pursue a career in acting in the cities thriving independent

film industry. Since then he has acted in over 30 productions. Growing up, Mark Twain’s “The Golden Arm” left an impression on Curtis, so much so that he chose it to adapt as his first short film, WHERE IS MY GOLDEN ARM in the summer of 2014. In early 2015 Curtis moved to Los Angeles to further his career in both acting and film making. Now, Curtis is prepping to turn WHERE IS MY GOLDEN ARM into a feature with the hopes of taking people on a journey through the art of storytelling.

"I never felt comfortable with myself, because I was never part of the majority. I always felt awkward and shy and on the outside of the momentum of my friends' lives."

– Steven Spielberg

Curtis K Case

short film under his company Quarterly Entertainment, LLC entitled MASTERPIECE, a psychological thriller about a deranged artist and a desperate young woman.  In 2012, Joe’s screenplay ‘DaRKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN’ won the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Award for the Shoot in Philadelphia Screenplay Competition.  In 2016 ‘DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN’ received Honorable Mention at the LA Screenplay Festival as well as coming in as a Top 10 Finalist in the Thriller Screenplay Festival in Delaware.

Joseph Horning

Joseph Horning is a 2005 Graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia's Video Production program. he has worked on Various projects starting in 2007, working as an associate producer on the thriller False Face with Film Zero Productions.  In 2009 he wrote, produced and directed his first

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